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Firalux Design AG | Hauptstrasse 21, 4461 Böckten, Switzerland
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Profilbild von Simon Zeiser
4 months ago
Good quality. Fast service
Martin Schildknecht
Profilbild von Simon Zeiser
4 months ago
Competent, reliable and very friendly. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation.
Sandro Müller
Profilbild von Simon Zeiser
4 months ago
Very competent field staff OS, very keen to solve problems, very easy to reach by phone. Very satisfied.
P. Bachmann
Profilbild von Simon Zeiser
2 years ago
excellent advice on the phone - really great. Thank you very much.
Profilbild von Simon Zeiser
3 years ago
Good material at decent prices
Gabriel Kummli
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LED modules and spots with corresponding converters are at the heart of our lighting design. Not only are our LED products highly energy-efficient, they also deliver an outstanding light yield. Take a look at our FIRALED® LED module, for example: it can be dimmed, is extremely efficient and has a high colour rendition quality with a CRI of up to 97Ra. It is available in the light colours 2,700 Kelvin and 3,000 Kelvin. Splash-proof built-in lights for special requirements, elegant and attractively-priced surface luminaires, sleek aluminium profile lights, rail systems and many other products for the interior can be found in our INTERIOR section. All our products are stylish, practical and efficient. Start seeing things in whole new light.

Wall mounted recessed luminaires

Installation accessories / tools


Discreet built-in lighting using the latest technology, practical bayonet fixing and the most modern control gear – Firalux is your first choice for your lighting requirements in Switzerland.



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Tel +41 61 485 13 13 - Fax +41 61 485 13 14 - info(at)firalux.ch - fb icon ig icon li icon

Tel +41 61 485 13 13 - Fax +41 61 485 13 14 - info(at)firalux.ch