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Firalux Design AG | Hauptstrasse 21, 4461 Böckten, Switzerland
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4 months ago
Good quality. Fast service
Martin Schildknecht
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4 months ago
Competent, reliable and very friendly. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation.
Sandro Müller
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4 months ago
Very competent field staff OS, very keen to solve problems, very easy to reach by phone. Very satisfied.
P. Bachmann
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2 years ago
excellent advice on the phone - really great. Thank you very much.
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3 years ago
Good material at decent prices
Gabriel Kummli

Health and care

Do the patients feel unwell? Are the doctors and nursing staff stressed?
Then use our Human Centric Lighting to enjoy the light of day around the clock. The light doesn't just make you feel better, it actually makes you healthier. We have the perfect solution for clinics or nursing homes with little or no daylight.
Furthermore, we update technologically outdated luminaires to make them more efficient. Custom-made LED circuit boards provide better light, long service life and cost savings.

Hotels, restaurants and cafeterias

From classic country inn to five-star luxury hotel: we have everything your heart desires, both for indoor and outdoor environments.


Interior design is a matter of taste:
- Do you have designer lighting in your representative reception areas?

  The first impressions counts!
- Would you like to refurbish your beautiful chandelier?
- Are you already using Human Centric Lighting in your kitchen or cafeteria?
- Do you have dimmable lighting to underline the atmosphere in your hotel rooms and

  meeting rooms?
- Do you want to stop wasting electricity?


We fulfil your wishes! Feel free to contact us today.

Offices, education, art, culture and sports

The modern office nowdays is designed for a variety of uses. Every office needs height-adjustable tables, up-to-date technology as well as high-quality lighting. Light creates a sense of well-being and increases concentration and efficiency.


Concentrated listening is vital to learning success. Our extensive experience enables us to create the perfect lighting conditions for any educational and training environment. We use our experience to optimally equip childcare facilities, classrooms, canteens, auditoriums, lecture halls, libraries, etc. Culture enthusiasts visit museums to see interesting exhibitions that are showcased to perfection.


By the way:
The benefits of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) apply here as well.


Light is a productivity factor.


Are you responsible for
- a well-functioning logistics centre?
- an efficient assembly operation?
- a production company with multiple-shift operation?

Good lighting ensures safety and fatigue-free working. Use the right light at the right place at the right time. Save energy and maintenance costs. We will gladly support you in this process.

Sales and point of sale

Only optimally presented products have a positive impact on sales. Our lighting concept underlines your product presentation and puts your products in the spotlight!


Whether in the Mall of Switzerland, a car dealership showroom or your own shop – we know what is needed at the point of sale.

Exterior lighting

Sun, rain, cold and ice have an impact on the functionality and service life of exterior lighting. On the one hand, the designs and colours should blend in well with their surroundings, on the other hand, all outdoor installations should be robust and safe.


Our range of exterior lighting products for versatile requirements is broadened by an extensive range of Unilamp products.


Our customised lighting masts are available in various colours and designs and are delivered within six weeks! Tilt masts that can easily be lowered facilitate maintenance, cleaning and repair work.

Good to know:
On request, we also install motion detectors in your lights.

Indoor lighting

From the bedside lamp to the bath-room area, through the study to the pendant lamp above the dining table, we can offer you everything. Also for customised products we are at your disposal.

Fabas Luce

Fabas Luce

Fabas Luce

Fabas Luce

Fabas Luce

Tel +41 61 485 13 13 - Fax +41 61 485 13 14 - info(at)firalux.ch - fb icon ig icon li icon

Tel +41 61 485 13 13 - Fax +41 61 485 13 14 - info(at)firalux.ch